Dead Love

Book 1

As chilling as it is erotic and sexy, Dead Love will draw you in from page one as its relentless pacing drives toward its shattering climax.

For leading scientist Dr. Suzy Chen and Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell Graham, a high ranking US military officer, their chance encounter at an official banquet quickly evolves into a passionate out of control love affair. What Max doesn’t know is that Suzy isn’t who she seems and that their affair will bring with it the most difficult choice of his career.

FBI agents Georgiana Reed and Mark Strickland are called in when a terrorist attack rocks a major US metropolitan area. All the clues lead back to the Edgewood Center, a cutting-edge research facility where Dr. Chen is assistant director. When Max finds suspicious documents and photos in Suzy’s desk, his contacts in the CIA uncover a dangerous connection with the terrorist group responsible for the attack. As Reed and Strickland tighten the noose, Graham must make the tortuous decision between protecting his lover and upholding his sworn oath to defend his country.

A captivating suspense thriller full of sharp turns and surprising twists, Linda Wells’s story is so frighteningly real it could have been pulled off the day’s headlines. Her deft handling of multiple viewpoints lends breadth and emotional depth that resonates long after the cover is closed. As chilling as it is erotic and sexy, Dead Love will draw you in from page one as its relentless pacing drives toward its shattering climax.

“Wells delivers a debut thriller about a biological terrorist attack, the people determined to stop it, and the woman at the heart of it all. A tightly plotted, satisfying mystery-thriller.”
Kirkus Reviews
“What can I say, it has a pot-boiling, bone-chilling, sweat-dripping plot. In short, a mystery at its best!!”
—Amazon Reviewer
“Eerily prescient. The action is non-stop, the suspense is unrelenting, and the characters emotionally engaging. This book will get you thinking while it keeps you up reading all night.”
—Amazon Reviewer

Dead Love is an intellectual, fast paced thriller. I enjoyed the main character because she is smart, sexy and powerful.”
—Goodreads REVIEWER

Dead Promise

Book 2

The US struggles to fight a pandemic—with viral outbreaks in three major cities—while agencies search for the mastermind behind the biological assault in this sequel.

New York City becomes ground zero for a bioterrorism attack when a weaponized strain of avian influenza is released into the city subway. The result is devastating—a deadly pandemic that threatens to tank the US economy.

Evidence leads FBI agents Georgiana Reed and Mark Strickland to a government research lab and a beautiful scientist, Dr. Suzy Chen. She had access. She had motive. And she had a secret connection to a group known only as the Organization and its sinister Director, who were operating to bring down the US economy. When Chen’s love affair with a high-ranking military officer puts the Organization at risk, she is assassinated.

As Reed and Strickland draw closer to discovering the Director’s identity, they struggle to hide the love affair they began in Dead Love. Now is not the time for emotional entanglements, but passion has a way of sabotaging duty.

Chen’s grieving lover, Colonel Maxwell Graham, joins forces with Agents Reed and Strickland to hunt down the mysterious Director. Can they stop the Organization’s twisted plot to destroy the United States? The government tries desperately to stem the chaos of the deadly pandemic. But is it too late?

“A conventional thriller elevated by the author’s masterly juggling of characters and subplots.”
Kirkus Reviews

“I really, really enjoyed this book! It ranks up there with some of the best mystery novels I’ve read.”
—Goodreads Reviewer

“I was immediately drawn into this standalone thriller… the story is timely and chilling.”
—Amazon Reviewer

“Scary and intense… I would recommend this book if you like suspenseful books. Loved it!”
—Goodreads Reviewer