Cypress Lake

Alexa Lee Smith certainly didn’t come back for him.

That’s what the flight attendant tells herself as she travels back to her sleepy hometown of Cypress Lake, Florida, for a high school reunion. She knows that Rick Young, her former flame and first true love, isn’t waiting for her. He’s moved on with a gorgeous wife and adorable daughter.

But has she?

As Alexa is for forced to confront feelings she would rather stay hidden, her and Rick’s high school reunion is marred by disaster—Rick’s beautiful wife, Kim, is dead, and no one knows who to trust.

Alexa finds herself drawn into the mystery surrounding Kim’s death, but each new lead drags her into danger. The people she knew in high school have grown into strangers she can barely recognize, and every single one of them has a secret to hide.

Suddenly, Alexa’s sleepy small town is waking up. And everyone’s got eyes on her.

“A first-class romance-thriller with a great twist that I honestly never saw coming.”
—Goodreads Reviewer
“A fun read! Loved the mystery and rekindled romance. It’s nearly impossible to lay the book down once you start reading! Great book!”
—Amazon Reviewer

“The small town Florida setting provided the perfect backdrop for the various characters to tell story. I especially liked the ‘who-done-it’ elements that totally caught me by surprise.”
—Amazon Reviewer

“Wells excels at maintaining a sense of suspense, and the dramatic mystery will keep readers guessing, wondering who in small-town Cypress Lake would commit murder.”
—Rhodes & Easton Reviews

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