Midnight Beach

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Whose secret is the most dangerous?

Forty-two-year-old Leigh Prentiss has everything she wants in life: beautiful children, a successful career, and a thriving marriage to her attorney husband, Garrett. But recently he’s been distant, and when he abruptly abandons the family vacation to their luxurious beach house in Midnight Beach, Florida, Leigh takes it personally.

After her recently divorced younger sister, Kristen, joins the trip, she does little to ease her sister’s mind. As lies pile up higher than the sandcastles, Leigh finds comfort in her new friendship with former marine and stockbroker Jack McDermott—even as she attempts to trust her husband.

But when betrayal hits home in more ways than one, Leigh must decide if all love eventually becomes a lie. And if so, who can she ever trust again?

Midnight Beach is a gripping, fast-paced romance mystery with sex, secrets, and a murder that changes everyone’s chance at happily ever after.

“A high school teacher learns dark, unwelcome secrets may be hiding in her family’s tumultuous lives in Wells’ thriller, [which] is an impressive exercise in subtlety…. Wells’ concise prose keeps the narrative moving at a steady beat—surprising turns come one after another…. The murder happens later in the tale than some readers may anticipate, but its impact is great and leads to an unforgettable ending. A quietly absorbing story of fractured family ties and deception.”
Kirkus Reviews